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Survival: A Path Paved Through Unity

Survival: A Path Paved Through Unity

Joshua Daniel

In twilight's shroud where whispers wend,

A saga of battles, both start and end.

Within life's core, a cryptic abyss,

Through labyrinthine threads, it holds its tryst.

Its touch, a trembling world enthralls,

Yet humankind's resolve proudly calls.

Tears descend, quest for answers denied,

Nature's course, an ageless, unyielding ride.

In this struggle, a brilliance does gleam,

The human spirit's steadfast theme.

Strength's not found in power's decree,

But in empathy's embrace, we are free.

With every touch, healing's art,

In unity's tapestry, we play our part.

The looming shadow, love shall dethrone,

Hand in hand, our unity has grown.

Through somber trials, our shared hope ascends,

Cancer's scars fade as love amends.

Cherish life, in its grace partake,

Together, we conquer, love awake

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