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Poem of the Day

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Upon the tides of a distressed soul

A boy adrift, a tale untold

They see him eat, ease they find,

But hunger’s cue is just a blind


With brittle nails and yellow skin

It was more than to be thin.

A snack, a treat, they loved to see,

Yet Deep inside felt still not free.


“He’s back!” they cried and claim.

The flame of compassion to be tame

In consuming’s act, they filled with glee.

To mend the soul was not the key.


A smile forced for the part.

When deep inside a shattering heart.

In the void far from pleased

To shut the cries, make them cease.


“He’s better now” reflected in the air.

It seemed to him like they never seem to care.

As emptiness lingered throughout the night

“Where was the tunnel with the light.”


“Why must they see it through this lens,

Nourished flesh is the cleanse.

Underneath a war lives on

A battle fierce, a hope long gone.”


They went away happy, assured,

That there he was well and cured.

Yet deep inside, his spirit cried.

For the support had gone aside.


The weight of expectations bore.

He wanted love and nothing more.

Beyond the food, a heart to heal,

But the worry limited to the meal.


For eating is not the cure to the core

It requires much support and many more.

With love and empathy towards the race,

Stand beside the pain they face.

Alternatives to Animals in Research: Exploring the Biological, Biochemical, Ethical, and Multi Cellular Approach

By: Mackenzie Lopes


With the further development of medical technology research and development, the number of animals used in research is increasing. Every year, millions of laboratory animals are used around the world. The pain, suffering and death of animals during

scientific experiments has long been a controversial issue. In addition to major ethical concerns, animal experiments also have several drawbacks, such as the need for qualified personnel, time-consuming protocols, and high costs. Various alternatives to animal testing have been proposed to overcome the drawbacks associated with animal testing and to avoid unethical practices. A 3R strategy (i.e., reduce, purify, substitute) is employed for the use of animals in laboratories. Various methods and alternative organisms are used to carry out this strategy. These methods are alternatives to drug and chemical testing in specific fields, and this review briefly describes and provides examples of these alternatives and their associated advantages. Integrated application of these approaches will minimize the use of animals in scientific experiments.

Psychology and Mental Health Within Different Contexts Throughout Arab populations

By: Zainab Al-Dhurafy


This paper explores the historical and contemporary contexts of Arabs and the psychology within those contexts. It begins by examining the Islamic Golden Age, a period in which education in psychology was thriving and psychoanalytic thought was being developed. The paper then shifts to the present-day experiences of Arabs who are immigrating or being displaced to different settings, and how their experiences with mental health and psychology differ from those in the Golden Age. Additionally exploring the impact of acculturation, discrimination, and societal stigmatization on mental health among Arabs. Through this analysis, the paper sheds light on the need for mental health support that considers the different stressors prior to and post-resettlement of refugees and immigrants. Highlighting the importance of understanding the historical and contemporary contexts in which these individuals live.

Keywords: McLuhan, anxiety, depression, acculturation, immigrants, Arabs, illness, refugees

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May Award Winners

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Literary Innovation Award: “Perdre mon l'innocence” By: Jacob Muscolino

Poetic Visionary Award: "Three Hours of Lost Merit: A Poetry Collection" By: Marwa Bhuiyan

Sociopolitical Research Distinction Award: "The Globalization on Women's Rights Violations" By: Mi Tang

Environmental Research Achievement Award: "Improving Microbiomes" By: Guadalupe Segura

STEM Research Advancement Award: "Literature Review on Engineering Sustainable Power Systems" By: Eleane Lin

Psychological Breakthrough Award: "Beyond the Meal" By: Christin Hernandez

Medical Research Breakthrough Award: "The Ethics of Existing Treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome" By: Siya Halapeti

Financial Research Excellence Award: "The Impact of Finance on the Fintech Industry" By: Nimish Jain, Thomas Liu

Historical Research Achievement Award: "Focus on West Africa: Effects of Urbanization On Domestic Violence" By: Ivan Shah

Humanitarian Research Impact Award: "The Corruption of the United States Healthcare System" By: Olivia Scire

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